Family law is unique, with different goals than that sought in other civil
.  It is not always easy to determine who wins and who loses when
love, fidelity, trust, or living as we know it are at stake, or worse, still, children
are moved from one household to another.  Often, "war stories" are shared of
"the other side had to pay my fees".  There are occasions where a trial court
has discretion to assess one party's fees against the adverse party, but many
times the "winning party" is hard to ascertain, and a client should not be
easily fooled.  For instance, in divorce, attorneys fees are generally payable
from the community property of the spouses.  If the trial court "awards" your
fees against your spouse, payable from the community property, you have in
effect still paid half, because the fees paid to the attorneys is money taken
from the community estate.